Windows and Doors

We’ll Install New Windows and Doors for Your Rochester NY, Home This Spring

Spring is here and now is the perfect time to replace your old windows and doors. Get a fresh start this season with more energy-efficient windows to seal in your cool air as these Rochester temperatures continue to rise. Add a new set of doors to complete the look and get ready to entertain or relax in the sun. A simple call to Kilbury Construction can have your whole home feeling bright and cheery during the best time of year!

Replacing Your Old Rochester, NY Windows

Even the best DIY specialist find it difficult to replace older windows. That is why you should trust our expertise to deliver you top quality service for the best price. We will complete every step with accuracy and professionalism and leave you to enjoy the finished project.

The benefits to replacing older windows are well worth the call to Kilbury Construction. When have new windows installed, your home energy bills with decrease by an average of 15%. Reduce your carbon footprint and stay cool this season with better insulation from the sun’s heat. Check out this energy-saving breakdown by energystar ¬†and see how much you can save up to $400 every month on your energy bill.

Let the light shine in your home, without the negative effects. Newer windows also protect your family from harmful UV rays. Because new windows have a coating that acts like sunscreen, the sun will no longer fade furniture or curtains and reduces ultraviolet light by up to 75%! You may even qualify to receive tax credit by purchasing energy-efficient windows. With all of these benefits, it is easy to make the decision to bring new light into your home.

How to Maximize Your Windows’ Power

  • Purchase double-pane windows with low e-coating. This will keep you home warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer
  • Install window treatments to block the sun. Sometimes a shade or blinds won’t do the trick. A thick cover will block any unwanted sun from getting too warm.
  • Consider shrink wrapping windows. If you’re not ready to replace your windows, or just want extra protection, sealing plastic will reduce air leaks and prevent energy loss.

Choosing the Right Door for Your Rochester NY Home

After you have enhanced the value and efficiency of your home, consider finishing your project with a new door. Whether you want to replace your front door to add more personality to your home’s exterior, or if you want a simple screen door to keep kids inside and bugs out, putting a new door in your home can add several benefits.

Choosing the right front door is a major aspect to your home’s exterior. Use your home’s existing aesthetic as a guide, if choosing from traditional or modern options. Adding a pop of color or using your front garden as inspiration can also be a great way to decide. A front door says a lot about the family that lives behind it, so take the time to pick the best door for you.

If instead you would like to install a sliding door for your deck or add a set of elegant french doors to your patio, there are some really exciting choices for homeowners. There are a wide variety of materials and designs, which still allow plenty of light and remain energy efficient. Do not limit yourself to the current size and space of your doorway. Installing large sliding doors or french doors can really open up the entire interior of your home. The increased natural light from an energy efficient door can add class and style for years to come.

Trusted Professionals

Here at Kilbury Construction, you can trust that your home remodeling project will be completed with care and accuracy. We have been providing top-quality service to homes throughout Rochester NY, for over 25 years. When you let us help improve your home, we promise to treat you as we would our own family. We are a team of dedicated and trusted workers with decades of experience in serving Rochester with services such as handyman services, deck construction and much more. We can’t wait to hear from you this season.