How to Choose the Right Contractor to Build Your Deck in Rochester, Ny

Decks Rochester NY

Decks Rochester NY

Outdoor decks are a very popular feature with homeowners because they create additional living space outdoors. A well-built deck can go a long way toward increasing a family’s enjoyment of their home and also go a long way toward enticing buyers when it is time to sell.

Because they are so popular, a well-built deck can do a lot to increase the value of your home. Unlike some other home improvements, homeowners tend to recoup much of the cost of building a deck when they do sell their homes. If you decide to build a new deck in Rochester, it is important to choose a quality contractor to build your deck.

Quality Deck Builders in Rochester, NY

We’ve put together 5 reasons to add a deck to your Rochester home, now here are some tips to help you choose the right contractor for you:

  • Ask friends, neighbors, or family members with decks which deck builder they would recommend.
  • If you are new to the Rochester area and don’t know anyone to ask, read online reviews to check into a company’s reputation before you hire them.
  • Look for a deck builder in Rochester, NY that is well-established and easy to contact. This will be very important should any problems arise.
  • Look for a company with a lot of experience building decks. Not only will your family’s enjoyment of a deck depend on how well it is constructed, but also their safety. You want to hire an experienced contractor with a good reputation for quality.
  • Once you have decided what type of deck you want, look for a contractor that will give you a free estimate. Gather several estimates for the same work so you can see which will be the best value. You don’t want to necessarily just go with the lowest price because, as with anything in life, you get what you pay for and any pleasure over those savings now could evaporate quickly if you do not end up with a deck you enjoy. The most important thing to look for is value for your money. Who will do the best job at the most reasonable price?
  • When you get your estimate, ask the deck builder what kind of materials will be used. Better-quality materials cost more, but will result in a longer-lasting deck, so are usually worth the additional upfront expense.
  • Meet with potential contractors to see which one seems like a good fit. Do they make it easy for you to ask questions? Do they seem like they will welcome your input? After all, it is your home being worked on and you are footing the bill, so make sure your voice will be heard if necessary.
  • Beware of any deck builder that asks for too much money upfront. A deposit or partial payment is completely understandable, but sometimes homeowners fall victim to scams by unscrupulous contractors who ask for most or all of the money upfront and then take off without completing the job.

Because they allow you to spend more quality time outdoors, decks are a great place to hang out with family or to enjoy some quiet time alone. If you plan on building a deck watch this video of a new deck construction in Rochester by Kilbury Construction, and be sure to choose a quality contractor so that you will be able to enjoy your new deck now and for years to come.